Turdcules Turdpedo Toilet Elixir

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When it comes to delivering a destructively potent payload, we, men, remain steadfast to our doodie. We stand ready to detonate a calamitous cacophony which sleeps silently within the steel-belly of our floating fortress. With the push of a button, we summon rains of molten metal, fire, and water. With Turdcules’ Turdpedo Toilet Elixir, you’ll sit proudly at your battle station surrounded by the sweet smells of Sunburns and Victory.


  • Turdcules Turdpedo Toilet Elixir
  • Smells like Sunburns & Victory
  • Really smells like grapefruit, lime, motor oil and explosions
  • 100+ Uses per 2 FL/OZ Bottle
  • Proudly Made in the USA