Love You Lickey the Labrador Game

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Love You Lickey the Labrador comes with a cute, soft and cuddly stuffed Labrador with endearing big eyes, and a children’s book.  It’s an interactive, unique and fun family tickle game that parents, grandparents, and other loved ones can play with their little one(s).

Be a part of the excitement as your child anticipates the turning of each page of the book . . . knowing that belly laughs are on the way! Love You Lickey the Labrador is a tickle game that mixes anticipation, laughter and fun with a clear message that your little one is loved by you . . . “A LOT!”  Lickey will lick your child on the tummy, nose, back, toes . . . and more!  Enjoy your child squirming, wiggling, squealing and laughing as you share the Love You Lickey the Labrador experience together!

Consistent with Worthwhile Pursuits’ company vision, on the last three pages of the book, you read these words to your little one:  “Lickey licked you a lot because Lickey loves you a lot, but I love you even more . . . [then turning to the last page] A lot more.”  It is our vision that every child in America hears those words from a loved one.

In the tickle game, families can spend quality time together, have some laughs, make memories, have fun, etc.  In addition, for some very young children, the game provides the opportunity for cognitive development and educational value resulting from the parts of the body being tickled.  The children’s book is great for early readers.  Even older siblings can play the tickle game with their younger siblings.  If your little one(s) likes being tickled, no matter their ages, they might love the Love You Lickey the Labrador family tickle game.

As an added bonus, kids can sleep with Lickey year round if they want.  With his winsome smile and endearing eyes, Lickey might become “their lovey” . . . their go-to lovey of choice with which to sleep and carry around .