Find Me Funzy the Fox Game

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Find Me Funzy the Fox® comes with a stuffed animal (a cute stuffed fox) and a children's book.  It's a 7-day hide & seek game that parents and other loved ones can play with their kids. 

ESSENCE OF THE GAME:  The book is told from the dad's perspective.  In the first few pages dad presents Funzy to the kids, and he says, "This is Funzy, a fox as you can see, and I invite you to play a game with me."  Then he goes on for the rest of the book to explain how the game is played and how the kids have to get up each morning for 7 mornings and go and find Funzy where mom/day/grandmommy/granddad have hidden him. 

SHORT & MANAGEABLE:  We make the game SHORT (7 days, so parents and grandparents and other loved ones are not overwhelmed), and we make the game MANAGEABLE . . . we indirectly tell the parents and grandparents where to hide the fox (for example, dad says "I'll hide Funzy behind a door for your first day.  On day 2 look for Funzy around something you play.")  There's a day where they dress Funzy up in clothes, there's a day that is a 2-step scavenger hunt search, etc.  It's just a unique, fun, family-friendly game that parents, grandparents and other loved ones can play with their children and grandchildren. 

QUALITY MATERIALS:  By the way, we used quality materials on the fox (he's soft and cuddly), book (thick backboard and thick pages), and box (sturdy, not flimsy).  We desired that it be a quality product.  The kids can sleep with Funzy year round if they want.